Hi, I’m Thomas Euyang, an interdisciplinary designer, researcher, strategist and storyteller based in San Francisco. I specialize in making sense of change, and creating in depth and well rounded explorations of futures.

Using techniques like Design Fiction, Strategic Foresight, and Speculative Design, I uncover and contextualize abstract spaces, ultimately creating visions of future worlds so organizations and individuals can more thoughtfully understand how they’d like to fit within and influence them.

My work exists in many mediums. I’ve created research reports, ran workshops, built art installations, directed and edited films, designed magazines, and more, all in an effort to elucidate unforeseen and exciting opportunities.

I offer training in futures literacy and also strategic research and vision building to help organizations understand the landscapes they exist in so they can more intentionally and effectively evolve.

I’m currently specializing in Media and Entertainment Futures, an industry I worked in for six years.

If you’re curious about my work, would like to collaborate, or just chat, schedule time with me here.


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