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Using a short animated film and designed objects, Marv’s World aims to elucidate the potential monotony of a world where meaningfulness is measured by efficiency, while illustrating the value and potential of staying open to the unexpected.

Marv’s World began with a discussion of the downstream effects of technology. We grew interested in the idea of efficiency. While understanding the positives of a more efficient world, we also wondered about the value of inefficiency, appreciating moments like commutes, going to the grocery, or to a restaurant, activities that could theoretically be eliminated right now and something we all felt to some extent during COVID 19.

To further investigate what hyper efficiency could look like and the value of in between space, we created a moodboard heavily inspired by retro futuristic worlds, representing a time when technology was visibly disruptive.

From the moodboard, we outlined a story. Taking place in an alternate world called Capsule 12, we mixed AI Generated backgrounds and Photoshopped imagery to create storyboards.

Two groups of characters were represented in the Storyboards: Marv, a typical person existing within the cycle of hyperefficiency, and The Outsiders, a group who live outside of the norms.

The Marvs

The Outsiders

To deepen the story we developed the concepts of objects that represented both groups.

Marv’s object is a company issued box akin to an immersive reality headset that enabled Marv to work incredibly efficiently. (developed by Gabriel Tan)
The Outsiders use a recorder that captures natural sounds using their electrical frequencies and distributes them through flying speaker technology.  (developed by Farzad Kargaran)

With a story outline, characters, and props in place, Adira Andlay and I created a visual language for a short animated film using Andlay’s expertise in illustration and mine in photography and writing.

As the pieces came together, I also developed original soundscape and score for the story resulting in Marv’s World.